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3B Medical is pleased to announce the hiring of Brett Townsend, a medical device industry veteran, as 3B’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Brett’s experience in helpingChart Industries’ Biomedical Divison grow to $226M in annual revenue will be extremely helpful in establishing 3B Medical as a leader in the sleep and respiratory product space.

3B Adds New Products

Two New Mask Join Interface Line-Up: The Viva Nasal and Numa Full Face

The Viva and Numa are 3B Medical’s newest additions to our interface line. Both masks were designed with simplicity as a goal. Light, comfortable and excellent sealing quality make both of these masks your go-to masks for increasing patient adherence while maximizing your profitability. They are in stock and available for immediate ordering.

3B has added several new items to complement the Cirrus 5 stationary concentrator. A full line of standard and ultra-soft cannulas, tubing and filters are now in stock and available for immediate ordering.

Weekly Lunch Learning

Starting Monday, September 25th Angie Giudice, 3B Medical’s Director of Clinical Education will be hosting a series of Lunchtime Learning courses. She will cover a variety of topics that are related to 3B’s expanding line of products and software. Everyone is welcome to attend, Lunchtime Learning will be available every Monday and Wednesday through the rest of 2017. To register please email