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The one CPAP accessory that few DMEs give any thought to is the hose. Over the past several months, I have had more than a few conversations that illustrate how wrong this thinking is. 3B Medical launched its Ultra Noir premium black hose several months ago. It is a very high quality, light weight hose. In the clinicians I’ve spoken to the feedback was insightful. Where the Ultra Noir was put out on a patient, and then swapped out for the dull gray hoses on the market, the patients are pushing back and asking for the Ultra Noir. Why?

The aesthetics of the hose are far more pleasing. And while most of us think of the hose as a pretty boring item, the total appearance of wearing a CPAP mask matters to a patient … alot. Once the patient is on the Ultra Noir hose, they appreciate the cosmetic improvement and like the look of it.

We’ve seen alot of changes in the design of CPAP and accessories. Even the “boxes” have made huge upgrades, from big clunky heavy blocks to sleep bedside accessories. So why exactly are we stuck with the same ugly and boring grey PAP tubing? Over the years we have seen clear disposable tubing come and go, and even a short interlude with beige…yuck. Can we get any more “hospital” looking?

3B Medical is really proud of our premium Ultra Noir CPAP hose. It is a modern stylish option for PAP resupply. Try the Ultra Noir out on your patients and expect positive feedback. The cosmetics really do matter.